Soccer Scores

Soccer Scores:  LFC Gives Back

Lexington Football Club is pleased to announce it’s community service program
Lexington Football Club is starting a new initiative by requiring each team to participate in a service based project. Soccer Scores will allow our children to see in age appropriate ways needs our friends and neighbors have, as well as allow our teams and club to build stronger and closer bonds doing community service projects together.
Here are the details:
* Each team will be required to complete one 2 hour project per year (not season).
* Teams may work as an age group or individually, depending on the size of the project.
* Projects should require time and service. They may not include money or fundraising.
* Teams should wear their LFC uniform while doing their service.
The Club Board is strongly encouraging each team to participate this spring. It will be a requirement for every team starting next Fall.
project application must be submitted through email for each team, at least one week prior to the project. The project will be reviewed by the Community Relations Committee to ensure that it is age appropriate and safe. This will also allow the club to be aware of all local organizations being served.
A list of suggested organizations and projects is also available to get help you get started. The Community Relations Committee is also happy to help match a team with a project. We look forward to seeing the list grow as new ideas are added!
Giving back to our community will not only bring gifts to the organizations we serve, but to our children who donate their time and service.
Thank you for your support!
Questions? Please email Sarah Clay @

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