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Registration Instructions for Lexington FC teams for
Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Team lists will be posted on the Lexington FC website at as soon as they are available after tryouts. Most lists will be posted the day following the last day of tryouts for a particular age group, some may be posted sooner. Be patient.

To register for all teams:

If your child’s name is on a team list, you must register your child online at Click on the REGISTRATION link on the left side bar. Since we are changing registration programs, ALL families will be asked to set up a pass word protected account with LYSA which will make future registrations easier, plus you can register multiple children regardless of LYSA program. Checks will not be accepted and all payments must be made via credit or debit card (Master Card and Visa only.) You may opt to pay in full when you register or choose to pay ½ at the time of registration and the second half will be charged to your credit card on September 15, 2014. Yearly Fees are listed below. If you do not have access to a computer or do not own a credit card, you may register in person by calling the LFC office at 859-219-1493. Failure to register or contact the LFC office about a missed registration window can result in your child not being placed on a team.


U-9 Academy Uniform: (three t-shirts, one pr of club shorts and one pr of socks) is $50 and it is included in the registration fee. (If you are a continuing Academy player and do not need a uniform, please contact the LFC office by email… You should choose the pay ½ at the time of registration and the uniform fee will be deducted from your second installment.)

Uniform kit (adidas) for U-10 through U-18: (two jerseys, two shorts, two pr socks) is $100. Only U-10 players will be required to order a new uniform and it is included in the yearly fee. All other players needing a new uniform will need to visit the Soccer Center at 451 South Ashland Ave to order and pay in person. Uniforms MUST be ordered by June 20, 2014 or an extra charge will be assessed. The Soccer Center number is 859-269-1100.

Under 9 Academy
Registration fee………………………. $750 (includes uniform)
Under 10
Registration fee……………………… $1000 (includes uniform)
Under 11 and Under 12
Registration fee……………………… $900 (no uniform included)
Under 13 and Under 14
Registration fee………………………$1000 (no uniform included)
Under 15 through Under 18
Registration fee ……………………… $600 (no uniform included)

Scholarship/fee waiver/fee reduction players:

DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE!!!!! Please call or email the LFC office to accept your position before the deadline for your age group.

Please download a scholarship application from the LFC website ( . Fill out completely and accurately. Attach a copy of your most recent tax return. Mail to the LFC office LFC, PO Box 23260, Lexington, Ky 40523. We would like to receive these before tryouts, if possible but no later than June 13, 2014. Uniforms have to be paid in full and are not fee waivered. Academy uniforms are $50 and full kits are $100. Scholarship recipients may mail their payments for uniforms to the LFC office. All scholarship applications are held in strictest confidence. Tax returns will be shredded after use by the scholarship committee.

Deadlines for registration:

You must register within 24 hours after your results are posted on our website. Teams will have alternates. If you miss your registration deadline, the alternates may be selected. All registration is done online at
Do not register if you do not intend to play!

Additional Important Information:

Registering for a team is a binding agreement to play for Lexington FC for the 2014-2015 year. Regardless of payment method, you will be committed financially to your LFC team for assessments and to the Lexington FC for registration fees. If a transfer and release to another club is requested, a "registered player" is the same as a "paid player" and is subject to the LFC transfer/release policy.

LFC Transfer and Release Policy:

Lexington FC players on rosters in 2014-2015 are bound to that team for the entire playing year unless he/she requests a transfer. Requests must be made in writing by filling out a PLAYER RELEASE FORM found on the Kentucky State Soccer Association website, The LFC Director will review these requests and his decision will be final. A player will not be granted a release or transfer until all 2014-2015 registration fees for the Lexington FC and all LFC team assessments have been paid. In addition, the Lexington FC will charge a $75 administrative transfer fee, which is separate from any fees imposed by KYSA.

All players new to LYSA or LFC, regardless of age group, must submit a copy of their birth certificate to the LFC office. These will not be returned. We must have proof of age on file before players can be assigned to team rosters.

Those families qualifying for a third child discount will need to contact Lois Stephens at or call at 859-361-5719.

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Registration Help and FAQ

Please contact the LFC office at 219-1493 if you have any registration questions.
Debbie Vogel
Lexington FC Administrator
PO Box 23260
Lexington, Ky. 40523
859-219-0914 (fax)


Lexington FC State Open Cup
Champions 2013

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LFC 17 Girls White

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Kentucky State President's Cup Champions 2013

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Kentucky State Open Cup Finalist 2013

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Kentucky President's Cup Finalists 2013

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